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First Congress on the Maghreb Geology (10-12 November 2010, Tlemcen, Algeria).

Petroleum Geology of Libya Overview (by Hassan S. Hassan, Univ. of South Carolina)

The training film "Petroleum Geology of Southern Libya" is now available through the online bookshop of the Geological Society of London.



The North Africa GeoNet

The Middle East / North Africa (MENA) is geologically very similar. A good understanding of the key structural and sedimentary developments is the basis for reliable predictions in applied geology as well as in academic research.

This website aims to give an overview of the geology of this area and any relevant data resources. It also aims to provide a platform for the exchange of information, so please feel free to email me any material that you want to appear on this site.


The lower Devonian Tadrart Formation in the Akakus Mountains, western margin of the Murzuq Basin, SW Libya
The Silurian 'hot shales' are a key source rock in North Africa and Arabia




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